Testing and Selection

Keinan Sheffy specializes in testing, screening, and selection of candidates for all types of positions and organizations, for residence in community towns of all types and for acceptance to educational institutions and programs of all types. Keinan Sheffy believes that a high-standard professional, accurate, valid evaluation and screening procedure is the heart and foundation of the performance and success of the organization/community, and is best viewed as an integral part of a broader process of employee/resident recruitment and admission.

  • Employment Testing and Selection – The testing and selection process is precisely tailored to the specific needs of the client organization, taking into account the type and nature of the organization, the job definition and requirements, as well as its rank (junior, professional, managerial, executive, VIP). The procedure is designed to evaluate candidates’ suitability for a specific job in a specific organization.
  • Evaluation and screening of applicants for residence in community towns – The testing and selection process is precisely tailored to the needs, character and type of the community client (kibbutz renewal project, collective kibbutz, moshav, community town). The process evaluates candidates’ suitability for life in a specific community.
  • Assessment and selection of school applicants – The assessment and selection process is precisely tailored to the needs, type and nature of the specific education institution (university, college, high school, middle school, elementary school, boarding school, unique educational programs, and organizational training programs and courses), the requested program and its requirements. The process evaluates applicants’ suitability for a specific study program at a specific educational institution.
  • The testing and selection procedure at Keinan Sheffy is characterized, from beginning to end, by the highest standard of professionalism and customer service, and is conducted with transparency, discretion, quick response times and efficiency.

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