Employment Testing and Selection

Keinan Sheffy specializes in employment testing and selection of candidates for all types of positions and organizations, whether candidates apply from outside the organization or whether candidates are employees who are being tested for their suitability for a promotion or new position within the organization. Testing and selection procedures are precisely customized to the specific needs of the client organization, taking into account the type and nature of the organization, and the job definition, requirements, and rank (junior, professional, managerial, executive, VIP). The procedure is designed to evaluate candidates’ suitability for a specific job in a specific organization.

The testing and selection procedure at Keinan Sheffy typically includes the following stages:

  • Study of the organization, including organizational structure and culture.
  • Job analysis, followed by a definition of the job and its requirements.
  • The specific testing and screening procedure and its scope are determined.
  • A comprehensive occupational assessment is performed including tests covering intelligence tests, work styles, personality, trustworthiness, a personal biographical questionnaire, job-specific tests and exercises, knowledge tests, managerial tests, simulations in groups and pairs, and a personal interview.
  • A detailed, in-depth assessment report is prepared on each candidate. Assessment reports include personal information on the candidate, a (verbal and quantitative) summary of each cluster of skills (intelligence, executive, personality, social, occupational, and, if the job is an executive position, managerial skills), details on the scores achieved on various parameters comprising each cluster of skills, weaknesses and strengths (verbal), a summary, and recommendation (verbal and quantitative). The assessment reports focuses on the candidate’s suitability for a specific job in a specific organization.
  • The assessment report also includes information on the optimal manner of recruiting, orienting, and training the candidate, if selected for the position.
  • Assessment reports are signed by a psychologist specialist/counselor, which is the highest professional level.
  • Final reports include candidates’ rankings and comparison of all candidates.
  • Based on various considerations, preliminary/complete and individual/group testing and selection procedures are performed at the Assessment Center. The procedure is modular in nature and depends on the seniority of the position, scope of the selection process, availability of candidates, and other parameters.
  • The process includes professional counseling throughout the process for the recruiting manager/committee: defining the procedure, control and feedback, a discussion of dilemmas and their resolution.
  • High predictive validity is achieved through the use of a broad range of valid and reliable assessment instruments, their precise customization, and an in-depth assessment of the candidates by multiple judges. The result is a highly effective instrument that supports superior, efficient managerial decision making.
  • The testing and screening procedure at Keinan Sheffy is conducted at the highest standard of professionalism and customer service, which includes attention to transparency, discretion, quick response times, and efficiency.

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