SORT Real-Time Selection Tests

The SORT real-time selection tests system is an innovative sophisticated candidate selection tool to support Selection and Recruitment processes. Designed for client-side use, SORT examines cognitive aptitudes, skills, performance style, personality traits, reliability and trustworthiness.
SORT can be specifically tailored to each and every organizational need, based on its job descriptions
SORT creates an optimal match between human resources, jobs and organizational requirements. The system is installed at the client’s site allowing the organization to disqualify candidates at an early phase of the process and focus on candidates of the highest potential, saving time and money.
Intensive investment in the system’s psychological and technological core ensures maximal accuracy, reliability, validity and visibility of the results.

SORT is easily operated from any PC connected to the Internet, from anywhere in the world, and the simple-to-use system has a user-friendly interface. The system provides a professional, preliminary real-time assessment of a candidate’s suitability for specific positions as well as a graphic summary of candidates’ performances in verbal and numerical form, including comparison tables and suitability scores
In addition, Keinan Sheffy’s professional team is capable to meet with any requirement to apply additional selection tools on the selected candidates in order to provide a deep profile of each candidate
SORT is an effective objective tool that enhances our ability to select the most suitable candidate for a specific job, in a non-biased procedure. The system’s components are adaptable to diverse languages and cultural settings. As a result, clients receive a modular, valid package that is specifically tailored to the local population and the specific required jobs

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