Recruiting and Placement

Keinan Sheffy specializes in employee and managerial recruitment and placement for a broad range of jobs. Keinan Sheffy believes that a high-standard professional, accurate, valid evaluation and selection procedure is the heart and foundation of organizational performance and success.
Recruitment and placement procedures are precisely customized to the needs of the client organization, and include the entire gamut of services, from executive head-hunting at one end, to a large-scale recruitment of junior or middle-management positions at the other end. The procedure is designed to recruit the best-qualified candidates of the highest caliber for a specific job in a specific organization.

The recruitment procedure at Keinan Sheffy typically includes the following stages:

  • Study of the organization, including organizational structure and culture.
  • Job analysis, followed by a definition of the job and its requirements.
  • Definition of the specific recruitment procedure.
  • Focused candidate search, publication of wanted ads in various media. An active and focused search is conducted.
  • Review and selection of submitted CVs, based on the defined criteria and job profile.
  • Data analysis based on occupational questionnaires.
  • Telephone interviews based on predefined criteria, designed to elicit information on candidates and convey job-related information to candidates.
  • Personal in-depth interviews, with emphasis on candidates’ occupational, personal, and interpersonal skills (For executive positions, managerial dimensions are also explored).
  • Assessment procedures, including simulations in groups and pairs.
  • Comprehensive occupational assessments are conducted, including tests covering intelligence, work styles, personality, trustworthiness, a personal biographical questionnaire, job-specific tests and exercises, knowledge tests, managerial tests, simulations in groups and pairs, and a personal interview.
  • Candidates’ references are interviewed.
  • A detailed, in-depth assessment report is prepared on each candidate.
  • Final reports include a comparison of the final candidates.
  • All stages of the procedure are fully documents to support monitoring and procedure optimization.
  • The process includes professional consulting services throughout the process for the recruiting manager/committee, from the definition of the procedure, through control and feedback, and a discussion of dilemmas and their resolution.

The recruitment and placement process at Keinan Sheffy is conducted at the highest standard of professionalism and customer service, which includes attention to transparency, discretion, quick response times, and efficiency.


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