About us

Keinan Sheffy, Israel’s leading HR firm, offers a fully integrated range of professional services and implementation support to organizations in all areas and all stages of the work lifecycle. Keinan Sheffy’s services include:

  • Employment candidate testing and selection
  • Employee and executive recruitment and placement
  • Organizational/managerial consulting
  • HR outsourcing
  • Education and career counseling

Keinan Sheffy’s team of 200 outstanding professionals represents a broad range of knowledge in diverse areas of expertise, including organizational/occupational psychology, clinical psychology, behavioral science, business management, economics, accounting, technology and information security.

Since its foundation in 1982, the company has earned a solid reputation in its field and acquired a broad base of loyal clients from all sectors of the economy.

The company specializes in accompaniment and consultation to companies undergoing changes, and our clients include large and medium-sized companies and organizations in the business sector which underwent a change of ownership, large and medium-sized companies and organizations in the business sector undergoing processes of internal change, government ministries, governmental authorities, governmental companies, municipal entities, public entities and organizations and foreign companies launching their operations in Israel.

The company maintains a nationwide presence through its four offices in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Be’er Sheva. All offices are centrally located adjacent to bus and train stations as well as paid parking spots and parking facilities. Keinan Sheffy’s aesthetically designed offices provide a pleasant atmosphere for clients, candidates, and employees. All of Keinan Sheffy’s branches are accessible to candidates with disabilities, in compliance with the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations. The company also executes projects on clients’ sites, at its clients’ request, as appropriate for each assignment.

Keinan Sheffy is certified by the Council of Psychologists of the Ministry of Health as an internship institution in organizational/occupational/social psychology. Keinan Sheffy is certified with permanent recognition both in Branch 1 – tests, evaluation, sorting and selection, and in Branch 2 – occupational consulting.

Keinan Sheffy is also certified for ISO 9001 by the Israel Standard Institute in the fields of assessment and sorting, recruitment and placement, organizational consulting and occupational/academic orientation. In the certification process, the company optimized its procedures to ensure outstanding customer service, including work procedures, service standards, and service provider training. Control procedures were updated to guarantee and confirm the performance of these procedures.

Keinan Sheffy uses a SAP ERP system, which enables a streamlining of the transfer of information between the company’s various divisions, the retention of knowledge, a standardization of work and control processes, availability and updatedness, improved management of the customer service system, integration with the finance system and an increase in the efficiency of data collection and control of the operational and service processes.

Keinan Sheffy meets the diverse HR needs of organizations today through a broad variety of professional solutions of the highest standard, accompanied by outstanding customer service.

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