Our Vision

  • To be Israel’s leading HR firm.
  • To establish fair, long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our employees and clients.
  • To shape our clients’ experience in their encounters with Keinan Sheffy

Our Values

  • Our minimum obligation is to provide professional, client-oriented services of a high standard.
  • Additional values: strength, friendliness, excellence, innovation.

Our Promise

The Keinan Sheffy brand is accompanied by our promise: We create great teams.

To create means – to cause a thing previously nonexistent to come into being. To generate a thing by intention or design.

A team is – a group of the best athletes… a group of individuals considered best in their field.

The promise of our brand is to be energetic, to be always on the go, continuously creating, innovating and changing in order to assess, recruit, and train the best-suited individuals of the highest caliber who make up winning teams. The brand ensures that we never halt our progress, never stop, always innovate and change, which explains our ability to lead, convey confidence and stability and to promise always to be first. The brand guarantees business success to its clients through association with the company, based on the belief that this goal is achieved through investments in people. People – the Keinan Sheffy team and its clients – are the target of the brand; The brand guarantees that they are the focus of attention and are perceived as a creative, successful team that works together to create business results to propel any organization forward.

Our Logo

Our logo corresponds to the nature of its underlying principles. Thus, the logo inclines forward; our name, Keinan Sheffy, is connected, representing the whole that is greater than the sum of its parts, and all the random details together form the shape of an arrow, symbolizing the spearheading team.


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