Keinan Sheffy, Israel’s leading HR firm, offers a fully integrated range of professional services and implementation support to organizations in all areas and all stages of the work lifecycle. Keinan Sheffy’s services include:

  • Employment candidate testing and selection
  • Employee and executive recruitment and placement
  • Organizational/managerial consulting
  • HR outsourcing
  • Education and career counseling


Keinan Sheffy’s team of 200 outstanding professionals represents a broad range of knowledge in diverse areas of expertise, including organizational/occupational psychology, clinical psychology, behavioral science, business management, economics, accounting, technology and information security.

Since its foundation in 1982, the company has earned a solid reputation in its field and acquired a broad base of loyal clients from all sectors of the economy.

Keinan Sheffy meets the diverse HR needs of organizations today through a broad variety of professional solutions of the highest standard, accompanied by outstanding customer service.

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