Career Consulting

Keinan Sheffy specializes in educational and career counseling to all ages, at all junctions in life. Career counseling is a personalized process precisely tailored to the individual’s needs, abilities, aptitudes, orientations, age, and the specific life challenge. Needs may include choosing a major subject in high school, choosing an undergraduate or graduate program at university, selecting a profession, developing a career path, or starting a second career. The process aims to provide optimal guidance and direction to a specific client facing a specific educational or career decision.

The career and educational counseling process at Keinan Sheffy typically covers the following stages:

  • Client profile – background, motivation, needs and desires, psychological inhibitions, decision making style, realistic expectations.
  • Comprehensive individual assessment including cognitive aptitude tests, learning styles, work styles, occupational aptitudes, creativity, and personality tests, a personal biographical questionnaire, and simulations in groups and pairs.
  • Career and educational counseling is based on a comprehensive, in-depth assessment process, integrating the client’s needs, desires, motives, psychological inhibitions, and vocational and academic aptitudes, with the current and projected state of the academic and job markets.
  • Career and educational counseling reinforces the individual’s inner strengths and sense of self-efficacy, and empowers the individual to make the educational/career decision.
  • If individuals are referred by an employer, counseling includes consulting to the organization, including development of a structured career counseling procedure, and quality control.
  • High predictive validity is achieved through the use and specific adaptation of a broad range of reliable and valid assessment instruments, and numerous raters, based on a solid knowledge of the academic and job markets. The process is conducted by a senior professional who accompanies the client throughout the entire process. The outcome: a high quality, efficient process for clients.
  • Keinan Sheffy’s career and educational counseling services is characterized from beginning to end by the highest standard of professionalism and customer service, and in conducted with transparency, discretion, quick response times and efficiency.

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