Management Development and Counseling

Management Development
Keinan Sheffy believes that management is a profession, and professionalism entails learning and development, first and foremost. To this end, we develop unique management development programs that produce effective results.
Core topics in the management development process:

  • Shaping managerial job perceptions
  • From management to leadership
  • Results-based management
  • Decision making
  • Customer service management
  • Organizational interface management
  • Managers as leaders of organizational innovation
  • Management of intra-organizational collaboration
  • Employee motivation
  • Employee mentoring
  • Team work

Executive Counseling
Individual counseling to managers is a uniquely effective management development process for managers who are motivated and express the need to change and constantly improve.

In the counseling process, Keinan Sheffy focuses on such parameters as:

  • Reinforcing managerial identity (managerial values, study of managerial dilemmas)
  • Increasing awareness of managerial patterns of action and norms of conduct
  • Designing a development and growth path for managers
  • Improving effectiveness of the organizational unit under the manager’s control

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