HR Support

Keinan Sheffy assists HR functions in organizations create a clear work concept that serves as the foundation for the unit’s operations. Keinan Sheffy accompanies the HR unit through the process that transforms the HR function into a business partner in the organization. In this process, the HR unit engages in and operates according to the organization’s strategy and goals. Keinan Sheffy integrates the spheres of operation of the HR function and the organization as a whole, concurrently integrating and synchronizing all HR functions (recruitment, organizational development, benefits and remuneration, business process optimization, welfare, etc.).
Keinan Sheffy offers the following services to HR units:

  • Individual support to HR managers (coping with dilemmas, promoting organizational change).
  • Designing work plans.
  • Drafting procedure manuals.
  • Design, assessment, and assimilation of organizational culture.
  • Consulting on evaluation, screening, and selection procedures, including recruitment and employee in-take procedures.
  • Employment interview workshop.
  • Development of employee retention programs.
  • Development of a foundation for intra-organizational assessments and surveys.
  • Development of performance measures.
  • Execution of relevant innovative HR projects (talent development, managerial talent program, intra-organizational expert networks, etc.).
  • Accompaniment of intra-organizational innovation building.
  • Development of professional training procedures (identification of needs, review of current and desired performance levels, training and learning).
  • Employment lifecycle oversight: in-take, retention, lateral and vertical promotions, termination.
  • Accompaniment of and consulting on employee retirement and termination.

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